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camper van This year we notched up our 100,000th Australian hire and these babies have well and truly become iconic on Aussie roads! Sometimes in life, less is more. Some of the best experiences you will have in life happen when you have to improvise – and these Iconic Campervans are full of such experiences. Cheap, reliable and basic these are our original style camper for the budget conscious traveller. This rental campervan has all the features you need without the bells and whistles so you can spend less on hire transport and accommodation and more on yourself!

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camper van hireWicked's 2-Seater Premium Campervans are new and shiny and ready for hire baby! These BRAND NEW Suzuki APV Vans are campervans for people with exquisite taste and impeccable style. Sporting a shiny thing and some metally-type things, these bad boys are really nice…and good.

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campervan rental The Zeppelin 5-Seater is built for the view baby - it's like having a penthouse everywhere you go!

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camper van hireDoes your band need a Tour Bus? Or do you just wanna partay??! Well, check out the Foxy Lady 9-Seater Tour Bus! We provide campervan hire from 13 Locations around Australia for people who like colours & fun. You don't hate fun, do you? Book your roadtrip today!

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4x4 hireGet off the sealed roads and into the Outback baby with our sweet range of AWD and 4WD Hire vehicles!

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4x4 hireGet off the sealed roads and into the Outback baby with our sweet range of AWD and 4WD Hire vehicles!

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mini camper van hire The Wicked Minicamper 2-Sleeper - perfect little getaway car for couples! With a large Double Bed and plenty of storage inside and on the roof, the 2-Sleeper Mini Camper is perfect for your sexy little gateway for your sexy little partner. Or if you've got a really good friend you'd like to take advantage of - then this is a car for you!

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mini camper These little puppies are pretty much brand new! They seat 5 and sleep 2 – so they’re the perfect camper hire vehicle for a dirty weekend with your significant (or insignificant) other! With IPOD Aux and shiny shit everywhere, these Lil’ Bandits are perfect for a quick getaway after flogging slurpies from a 7/11. How good are slurpies! Anyway – you’ll save an absolute shit-tonne on fuel as these puppies score around 450 - 500km to the tank!

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camper van hire Holey Moley!!! 3-Sleeper Mini Campers!!! These great little cars have a roomy rooftop tent for 3-people!!! And it’s easy to assemble! Just fold it in and drive away! Super cheap on fuel and plenty comfy in the rooftop tent, our Minicamper 3-seaters are changing the hire game baby!

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