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The Climate in Australia

The climate and seasons of Australia are opposite to those in the Northern Hemisphere. The northern part of Australia, about 40 per cent of the continent, lies in the tropical zone, and the remainder lies in the temperate zone. Because of the size of the country, summer and winter climates vary from area to area but at any time of the year there is always some part of Australia where the climate is perfect for your campervan drive holiday.

travel Australia

The annual average air temperature ranges from 34 degree Celsius in Darwin, the northern-most capital city of Australia, to 2 degree Celsius in the alpine regions of south-east Australia. The lowest average air temperature occurs throughout the country during July. The highest temperatures are recorded during the summer months of December, January and February, when maximum temperatures often exceed 40 degree Celsius over a vast area of the hinterland.

The optimum time to travel the inland of Australia is between June and October when the days are warm and the nights cool. On those occasions when the warm spring rains arrive the landscape is transformed into a carpet of colourful wildflowers. However, travellers should be aware of the quagmire that can quickly develop on remote and seldom-travelled, unsealed roads when it does rain. Although the northern tropical regions along the coastal belts are climatically pleasant year round, the ideal time to travel is during the cooler winter months, otherwise known as the dry season. So, if you are heading on your campervan rental, you should always to remember the best time to go on the road. Night driving can sometimes be dangerous as there are animals passing by. For some adventurous traveller, motoring on a motorbike rental could be an amazing experience. Image yourself heading the highway in a bike and sleep under the stars.